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Resume dr. Tibor Duliskovich


Tibor Duliskovich, MD
14960 Shamrock Lane, Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005
(262) 391-6852,,

Overview of Industry Experience

2011 - present        Medical Director, Patient Safety Center of Excellence, GE Healthcare (from April 2014)
Medical Director, MICT, DoseWatch and Advanced Workstation

       Promoting medical consciousness and being the “Voice of the Patient” to the Leadership Team.

       Conducted 300+ post-market safety risk assessments, supported MDR reportability determinations, presented recalls at the Post-Market Safety Review Board (PSRB).

       Supported Molecular Imaging, CT, MR, PET/MR, Ultrasound, DGS, Surgery, Lunar, Healthcare IT, Advanced Workstation businesses with teams spread all over the globe. Covering pre-market design safety and post-market complaints for 17 product lines in CT, 80+ applications on AW platform, IDI and DoseWatch, 20+ products in HCIT, 4 Lunar, 7 MR and PET/MR and 50+ platforms/product lines in ultrasound businesses and surgery.

       Designed and served as medical monitor for over 40 GE sponsored clinical trials for cardiac, pulmonary, neuro, oncology, pediatric, mammo indications and for radiation dose reduction. Supported close to 90 investigator initiated studies resulting publications.

       Interpreted clinical trial results and communicated to regulatory resulting in FDA 510(K) and CFDA (China) registrations and extension of indications for use for virtual-unenchanced imaging and nephrolith characterization in dual-energy CT, MR MAGIC and SAR, PET/MR SUV MR-based bone correction.

       Continue to provide medical input into the International Medical Device Regulators Forum, Software as a Medical Device: Clinical Evaluation workgroup (SaMD,

       Worked with CHU to consolidate modality RACs with the global RAC. Wrote multiple guidelines to empower CHU.

       Completed clinical literature evaluation summaries (CESR) to support safety and performance claims for CE mark per MEDDEV 2.7/1 of supported products.

       Built a portfolio of medical evidence to support NPIs, marketing claims and reimbursement strategy, including a first-for-GE eDossier published on Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy System (

       Lead multiple Medical Advisory Boards for lung and breast cancer indications, coronary disease, myocardial viability, and dose management.

       Revised multiple CT and X-Ray reference protocols against the AAPM Dose Check recommendations resulting in 10-15% dose reduction for patients.

       Met face-to-face over 200 KOLs in academia and research institutions to help advance Company’s luminary and research strategy.

       Presented medical affairs vision, strategies and programs to major customers.

       Performed medico-clinical and risk assessments for acquisition due diligence for projects totaling $500M+ USD.

       Medical Affairs representative into GE’s Government Relationships team (until April 2014)

       Created a “GE Physicians” group to facilitate interactions amongst 100+ GE doctors in various roles, businesses and geographies. Manage monthly calls.

       Supported HealthImagination, ValueLabs (UPMC CESM), i3 Innovation, London Olympics, PET/CT innovation workshop and PET/MR innovation summit.

       Supported GEHC Education-As-A-Business strategies.

       Published four articles in CT Clarity magazine on topics important for business, all related to radiation safety and diagnostic performance.

       Continue to serve as medical liaison for medical societies (RSNA, ACR, ESR, SHR) and industry advocacy groups (DITTA, MITA, Dose Index Registries, ImageWisely).

2008 – 2011            Sr. Product Manager, Enterprise Imaging Informatics at Philips Healthcare

       Member of Philips Healthcare global Medical Leadership Team, supporting strategic goals of Office of Medical and Health Affairs lead by dr. Eric Silfen CMO.

       Managed complete life-cycle of iSite Enterprise and iSite Radiology product lines and integration with clinical applications, including roadmaps, 3rd partner strategy, sales support, AOP. Delivered 9 releases, all on time of iSite PACS product lines that represented 95% of global customer base.

       NPI launch responsibilities, positioning, pricing, promotion, sales tools and knowledge transfer, collateral owner, interface to clinical end-users.

       Marketing owner of pre-development projects based on Scrum agile technology.

       Co-authored two patents on user interface and image manipulations by radiologists (,

       Supported day-to-day quality, regulatory and patient safety activities, including but not limited to PACS, RIS, pathology and cardiology PACS, CT, XRays, PET/CT, MRI and ultrasound. Performed root cause analysis and closed numerous CAPAs.

       Validated a “gold dataset” of images for automated software testing.

       Virtualized entire RSNA demo environment.

       Medical Science Liaison to Field Organization.

       Started "Innovations in Radiology" Philips’ LinkedIn group and grew to 6000+ members.

       Member of Emergency Response Team.

2008 – current       Owner of largest LinkedIn group dedicated to radiology (33K+ members)

       Diagnostic Imaging Group

2009 – 2010            Medical Consultant to Animage, LLC

       Consulted in a clinical trial for veterinary imaging modality.

       Prepared supporting documentation and the team for regulatory submission.

2009                         Medical Consultant to National Semiconductor, division of Texas Instruments

       Due diligence on a medical technology acquisition deal worth $20M+ USD.

2001 – 2008            Medical Director, Aspyra, Inc.

       Led a team of clinical application specialists and medical writers.

       Developed requirements for PACS software and diagnostic mammography viewing station, redesigned GUI to assist radiologist workflow.

       Personally introduced our products into two international markets, found local integrator companies, formulated contracts and closed the deals.

       Coordinated clinical end-user training, performed on-site trainings. Introduced web-casts and CME-approved CBTs. Maintained demo database.

       Supported major sales deals, dealt with unhappy customer sites.

2000 – 2001            Sr. Manager of Research and Development, Wuestec, Inc.

       Contributed to product definitions and design of digital X-ray detector.

       Transformed a concept into an X-ray film scanning production line and business.

       Participated in revising company’s Quality System in response to a FDA consent decree.

1998-2001               Medical Consultant to Medimon Engineering Service and Trading Co. Ltd.

       MEDING (member of IFMBE-CED) postgraduate continuing education program lecturer.

       Input into PACS/RIS software development.

1997-2000               Consultant to Medicor Roentgen Corporation, later acquired by GE Healthcare

       Input into R&D of medical equipment design, usability testing.

1995-2000               Medical Consultant to Variotrade Co. Ltd (Toshiba)

       Medical device testing and input into R&D.

       Web design, medical literature translation, education of team.

1994-2000               Consultant to Medicare Trading Co. Ltd. (GE ultrasound dealer)

       Educating and training ultrasound demo personnel.

       Medical and technical literature translation.

Academic, Clinical and Regulatory Experience

2015 – current       Industry expert in IMDRF (International Medical Device Regulators Forum)

I have the honor to represent GE and the medical devices industry via DITTA (Diagnostic Imaging, HCIT, and Radiation Therapy Trade Association, and work with global regulators in IMDRF (International Medical Device Regulators Forum,, providing feedback into guideline development, clinical examples, and being voice of industry in the Software as a Medical Device (SaMD, workgroup.

1991 - 2000             Head of Organizational and Methodological Department at National Institute of Radiology and Radiation Physics, Budapest, Hungary

The role of NIRRP was similar to the role of FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

       Responsible for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical devices and eliminating unnecessary human exposure to man-made radiation from imaging devices.

       Made financial decisions up to 30-40% of the Institute’s annual budget. Built outstanding attrition record. Started with a team of 5 and grew it to 16.

       Validated and certified imaging equipment and software in clinical environment on patients (ultrasound and CT, bone densitometers, X-ray film scanners, RIS and PACS).

       Coordinated activities with national and international regulatory bodies. As part of a team, revised Hungarian medical devices regulations to harmonize with European ISO 9001 and EN 46001 prior to Hungary joining European Union.

       Pursued funding opportunities (grant applications, industrial contributions).

1996                         Visiting Consultant Radiologist at Health Center, Godollo

1995                         Radiology Fellow at Haynal Imre Medical University, Budapest

1994 - 2000             Co-founder of Medirex 2000 Corp., a small primary care provider in Tura, Hungary serving several thousand patients.

1991 - 1995             Radiology Resident at Haynal Imre Medical University, Budapest

       Residency training necessary for radiologist qualification.

       Research in the field of transrectal Color Doppler sonography and in 3D sonography technical solutions, particularly in examinations of human eye.

       Performed various forms of professional training, graduate and resident teaching.



2016                         USA certified by the Board of Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society,

Academic and Clinical Medicine

2016                         Certified Magnetic Resonance Medical Director/Physician (MRMD) by the American Board of
                                  Magnetic Resonance Safety (

1991 - 1995             Board Certified Diagnostic Radiologist, Haynal Imra Medical University, Budapest

1985 - 1991             Medical Doctor, Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest

1990                         Paramedic Doctor, Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest

Certifications and Awards

2013                         Strategic Excellence Award of GE Healthcare QRM business.

2010                         Certified Adult/Child First Aid Provider, American Heart Association.

2006                         Certified PACS Associate (PACS Administrator Registry and Certification Association).

2000                         European Computer Driver License (ECDL) certification.

1999                         Nycomed research award.

1998                         The Society of Hungarian Radiologists ultrasound school educational grant.

1997                         European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics summer physics school grant.

1995                         The Royal College of Radiologists research and travel grant.

1993                         Medicom-Glaxo research award.

1985                         Gold Medal of USSR Government for excellence in education (first in my school in 20 years).

Faculty Appointments

2000                         Nominated for board member position in The Society of Hungarian Radiologists (declined due to relocation to Canada).

1998 - 2000             Medimon Corporation and MEDING (member of IFMBE-CED) postgraduate continuing education program lecturer and writer.

1996 - 2000             Member of several governmental grant review committees.

1998 - 2000             Served via NIRRP as independent expert in law suits.

1994 - 2000             Editor of Radiological Bulletin (HU-ISSN 0133-2791)

2000                         Lectured at Kandó Kálmán College of Electrical Engineering, Budapest

1999                         Established internet website for Society of Hungarian Radiologists.

1998                         Several month long healthcare policy project as an external expert in Ministry of Health.

1994 - 1995             Educational activities (principal investigator, student dissertation discussant).

1992 - 1994             Launched lecture tours on digital radiology for countryside hospitals in Hungary together with two other radiologists, visited over a dozen rural hospitals.

Professional Affiliations

2015 - present         Member of Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society.

2014 - present         Member of Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound

2009 - present         Member of American College of Radiology

2008 - 2010             Member of The Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA)

2007 - present         Member of Radiological Society of North America

2006 - 2008             Member of PACS Administrator Registry and Certification Association

2004 - present         Member of Medical Industry Technology Alliance

1998 - present         Member of Association of Physicists in Medicine

1995 - present         Member of Roland Eotvos Physical Society

1994 - present         Fellow of the Hungarian Medical Chamber

1994 - present         Fellow of the The Society of Hungarian Radiologists

1994 - present         Member of European Society of Radiologists


Native in Russian, Hungarian. Proficient in English (Academic IELTS test score 8.5 out of max. 9) and Ukrainian.

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